Precision has really brought my specialty lens marketing to a whole new level. I have international patients who otherwise wouldn’t have discovered me finding me online and reaching out both by phone and email to schedule appointments. Overall, I truly feel that Precision has helped my specialty lens practice grow and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to specialize in contact lenses and wants to increase their online visibility.

Precision has been wonderful to work with! Not only have we generated more interest from patients with keratoconus, but my staff and I are better trained on how to effectively communicate with this patient population.

Practice is transitioning rapidly now into a different mode, I can feel and see it. The Precision website is really helping!

For many years, I have endeavored to find a way to promote scleral lens fittings in my area. I have been featured on television. I have run commercials. I have been interviewed on the radio. Nothing has worked as well as your network.

Over the last few years, I have had occasional, severe burning sensations in my eyes that felt as though I had salt water in them. In addition to the discomfort caused during these episodes, I also had difficulty focusing. Often, it would get to a point where I could not watch TV, or read a book or computer screen, until the episode passed. On a few occasions, I had to stop driving until my eyes cleared. The frequency and severity of the burning increased steadily over time. For me, the burning sensations were more common in the mornings, but did also occur at other random times throughout the day. Often, it would take twenty to thirty minutes before my eyesight would return to normal.

I wrote all of this off as one of those things that comes with aging. During a routine checkup, Doctor Woloschak asked if I had any these types of symptoms, and I described my experiences to him. He did a series of evaluations that led to a diagnosis of a severe Dry Eye condition. Dr. Woloschak prescribed a comprehensive treatment plan that has been remarkable in its success.

I used to suffer from Dry Eye episodes multiple times each day.  What a difference!

I highly recommend Dr. Woloschak and his staff to anyone suffering from similar symptoms.

Dr. Woloschak has been my optometrist since the beginning of his practice. Glasses had been prescribed for me for quite some time. However, I was not comfortable wearing them. They made me feel as though my world was closed in; and, in some instances, I would become dizzy. Contact lenses seemed to be the solution and Dr. Woloschak agreed. I have worn the contacts for over thirty years. At first I used the regular prescription lenses; then, as aging left its mark, bifocals were required. Multifocal contact lenses performed that function. Getting the proper lenses was quite a process. Dr. Woloschak and his staff worked diligently with me through many examinations and trials of possible lenses. Age 76  has made use of contact lenses difficult for many people, but I have been able to wear them with comfort and good vision – thanks to the willingness of my optometrist to work with me and with various providers to obtain the appropriate lenses.

I have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Michael Woloschak.  For many years, Dr Woloschak has been treating my Keratoconus. Comfort and ease of wearing my contacts are of the utmost importance, which I am happy to say he has succeeded in providing me the pleasure of both.  Knowing that my contact lenses are fit properly and also provide the ease of comfort I need is really important.

Eye Doctors are hard to find that can make your vision right …THE FIRST TIME!!

Eye Doctors are hard to find that can make your vision right …THE FIRST TIME!!
Dr Ross Cusic and his staff are extremely professional and have the latest state of the art equipment in correcting vision issues. I’ve been seeing Dr Cusic now for the last 5yrs and I plan to continue to see him. I have stigmatism’s and he has made my ability to see fantastic. I work in front of a computer and under extremely bright lights and have sensitive issues to light .. Dr Cusic fixed those issues He’s GREAT!!

I am a photographer with a very picky eye. I really have to have everything tack sharp. While I have tried contact lenses before, I have never been able to wear lenses longer than about 3 hours a day, which makes it almost pointless. When I first came into the practice it was explained to me that my problem was less of a contact problem and more of a dry eye problem. It took multiple months and treatments to prep my eyes for contacts, and while I had no determinable symptoms of dry eye before I began to worry that I just wasn’t a contact candidate. After the dry eye treatments we moved onto the contact fitting. Not only was I shocked to be able to immediately wear contacts all day with no issues, the amount of time and care that was given to me by all the doctors to bring my vision to perfection was amazing!! I would highly recommend investing in your vision with Dr. Azman.