Over the last few years, I have had occasional, severe burning sensations in my eyes that felt as though I had salt water in them. In addition to the discomfort caused during these episodes, I also had difficulty focusing. Often, it would get to a point where I could not watch TV, or read a book or computer screen, until the episode passed. On a few occasions, I had to stop driving until my eyes cleared. The frequency and severity of the burning increased steadily over time. For me, the burning sensations were more common in the mornings, but did also occur at other random times throughout the day. Often, it would take twenty to thirty minutes before my eyesight would return to normal.

I wrote all of this off as one of those things that comes with aging. During a routine checkup, Doctor Woloschak asked if I had any these types of symptoms, and I described my experiences to him. He did a series of evaluations that led to a diagnosis of a severe Dry Eye condition. Dr. Woloschak prescribed a comprehensive treatment plan that has been remarkable in its success.

I used to suffer from Dry Eye episodes multiple times each day.  What a difference!

I highly recommend Dr. Woloschak and his staff to anyone suffering from similar symptoms.